One of the founding missions of Pildora was to eliminate the stigma surrounding sustainable fashion. As the company evolved, we came upon many more stigmas in the fashion industry. So we’ve made it our mission to eradicate these stigmas as well, which are often spread through stories and assumptions people make from reading our content, media, and blog. 

This is why we were so happy to welcome Phoebe Pojo to the Pildora Family as one of our newest Pildora pioneers. Phoebe is the founder of Models That Eat, a platform with the goal of eliminating the many stigmas surrounding models, including the belief that they don’t eat. Phoebe provides a safe space for models to tell their side of the story while sharing a delicious meal on camera. 

The modeling industry is incredibly competitive and cruel. Oftentimes, models are taken advantage of from a very young age and treated like nothing more than mannequins with no rights or say in their work. We are proud to support Phoebe Pojo, who is working to combat the abuse and mistreatment of models all over the world through her platform and audience. 

Last week, we invited Phoebe over to the Pildora Studio, where she and Pildora founder Christina filmed for our Pildora channel and for Phoebe’s Models That Eat. Phoebe’s energy is absolutely undeniable, and we all had so much fun on set as she and Christina cooked a vegan pasta meal: zucchini noodles with a homemade tomato sauce and a Phoebe specialty, vegan parmesan cheese.

As they cooked, they talked about sustainability, veganism, and the modeling industry, and their beautiful and honest conversation continued while they ate. There is nothing like good food to bring people together, especially when it’s delicious vegan food!

Phoebe is someone who aligns closely with Pildora’s ethos, and we are so grateful to welcome her to the Pildora family. As an honest community, we hope to empower and spread the word of positive movements while continuing to eliminate all stigmas, assumptions, and misconceptions out there through truthful and honest content and, most importantly, FASHION. 

If you are interested in learning more about our sustainable community at Pildora, check out the site here!

Watch Christina and Phoebe cook this vegan meal here, and stay tuned for their dinner chat coming soon to Phoebe’s channel, Models That Eat!

Let’s cook some vegan pasta!