Emma Thompson, a British actress, activist, author, and comedian, is asking people to not buy gifts this Christmas. While this may not be possible for everyone, we can look to purchase more sustainable gifts (that are also packaged sustainably) for our loved ones. 

Lucky for you, we put together a list of creative, unique, and sustainable gifts that will surely please your friends and family. Check out the Pildora Gift Guide below, and Happy Holidays!

Majoie Maldives Self Tanning Drops $110

For the holiday traveler  

These self-tanning drops are handmade by local women in limited batches in the Maldives. This helps allow the local artisan women within the community to feel empowered and independent. Their self-tanning drops are the perfect way to come home from your holiday getaway tan, and they beat spending $50 on a spray tan. 

Wool Sweater by AndAgain $315

For the traditional friend  

We love this sweater so much! It’s comfy, warm, stretchy, and, best of all, is made from deadstock. Check out our interview with the designers Morgan & Greg here.

T-Shirt By Minus Us $45

For your spunky friend 

Who doesn’t love a tee that you can wear with just about anything? Jeans, leggings, shorts . . . Johann and Reese of Minus Us source deadstock and sustainable fabrics and upcycle them to create pieces inspired by their lives in Brooklyn. We met up with them in the summer to learn all about it. Watch here

Mending Kit by Line + Tow  $40

For the crafty comrade 

Tackle more committed mending projects and keep the clothes you would have previously thrown out with a couple of quick stitches and fixes!

Vert Toi T-shirt  $45

For the sustainability lover

A basic white t-shirt is a staple to all closets. However, they easily get ruined. Vert Toi aims to solve this by creating an organic cotton shirt (GOTS-certified too!) that you may send back to them and they will recycle it. You also get 20% off your next purchase by doing so! 

Reversible Duster $240

For the relaxed lounger

Elegant and casual, this blue and tan duster coat is so versatile and sustainable! 

Tucked in Tight Bundle in Meri Print $44

For the mom or mom-to-be!

We believe it is so important to clothe babies in materials that have no chemicals. This comfortable gender-neutral bodysuit and matching legging set are made from 100% GOTS-certified organic Pima cotton. 

Gold Starter Pack $79

For the jewelry lover

Every gal or style-loving guy needs a set of simple rings. You can never go wrong with this starter-pack of gold rings made with the finest quality materials. Best part? They are also accessible and affordable for all.

By-Ninette Pineapple Leather Purse $150

For the vegan city gal

Save the planet, save the animals, avoid animal leather! This bag is a brand new innovation that creates a leather alternative out of pineapple, called Pinatex! Plus, it’s super cute.

Carnaby’s Golden Goddess Organic T-shirt $28.50

For the goddess in your life

Honor your inner Goddess with our Gigi Golden Goddess Organic T-shirt. Inspired by the Goddesses of Ancient Greece, this printed tee is perfect to style with vintage denim and gold jewelry.