As you know, we are passionate about planning sustainable events, and this past weekend was no different. We joined hosts The Lions, one of the top modeling agencies in NYC, to plan the Ocean Sounds event to benefit the Whale and Dolphin Conservation on June 8th, World Oceans Day. Whales and dolphins are a vital part of the oceanic ecosystem, which produces over half the air we breathe. By conserving and protecting their underwater habitat, we are also enriching our future on Earth.

This cause is near and dear to our hearts, which made the whole experience of event planning even more meaningful. Ocean Sounds was a lively, colorful celebration held at the beautiful fashion co-working space, Spring Place. From VIP celebrities to pop-ups and live ocean-inspired tattoos, this event was as interactive as it was educational. We loved being a part of it!

In terms of the décor for Ocean Sounds, there was a modern blue motif, reflecting the high-end space as well as the aesthetic of the oceans. Instead of a red carpet, we used a cerulean blue carpet and extended that color throughout the space. There was also placed infographic signage throughout the event to help educate attendees on the importance of whales and dolphins in the Earth’s ecosystem.

The Ocean Cube installation gave participants a chance to immerse themselves in a futuristic undersea world. Artists hung jellyfish lamps from the ceilings, which gave the room an eerily beautiful underwater feeling. Ambient light bounced against the glass surfaces, and a wall of screens portrayed slowly moving underwater life. It was a truly stunning experience.

The best part of the Ocean Cube installation was the commitment of the artists to continually recycle and salvage the waste from the installation. Any project that can be meaningful aesthetically and ethically is one that inspires us.

Ocean Sounds was a plastic free event. There were no plastic dinnerware or cups at the event, relying instead of passed hors d’oeuvres and paper products. This decision was a simple but powerful way to address the growing concern of plastic in our oceans. Spring Place composts leftover items from events as well, reducing the landfill overflow and methane emissions. It was so great working with an event space that takes environmentalism seriously, and hope to always work with partners whose values align with ours.

At the event, there were pop-ups from our favorite shops, including the Whale and Dolphin Conservation, Boxed Water, Package Free and Rob Green. These brands educated event attendees about their sustainable products and helped to highlight all the many concrete steps we can take to begin reducing our negative impact on the environment. We were energized to see all the different voices working together for a unified cause.

One of our favorite parts of the event was seeing the live tattoos in progress. Attendees could get ocean-inspired tattoos, a lasting and beautiful reminder of the Ocean Sounds event and its meaningful cause.

Model and activist Ebonee Davis hosted the event. Zhavia Ward and MAX performed, with DJ Scram Jones in the background all night. The music was vibrant and celebratory, highlighting the positive nature of the event. It was truly a night to remember.

Incredible events like this are made possible by hard work, passion and sponsorships. It is so important to work together towards creating positive impact and a clean future so we thank all of the sponsors who came on board including Interceramic, Dogpound, Kohler, ChaCha Matcha, Boxed Water and more!

One of the best things about sustainable event planning is seeing the joy on attendees’ faces. It makes the hard work worthwhile when we know we have a direct impact on people in the world. And in this case, we’re also helping the whales and dolphins, which makes us doubly grateful. Congrats to The Lions, the sponsors and all the attendees on such a spectacular event.

We hope you enjoyed getting a peek of Ocean Sounds and our event planning process. Stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook to see what else we’re up to!