In steps one and two of our three-step of our sustainability philosophy, we spoke about connecting to yourself and with those around you.

Carry those thoughts with you as we move into step three, which is the most practical and potentially difficult: connecting to the planet. It’s important to go through steps one and two before moving forward to the last step.

Why should we connect to the Earth?

Simply put, it’s the only Earth we have. What we do here matters, more than we can possibly grasp as individuals. With billions of people on Earth, each with so much work to do, it’s easy to shrug aside personal responsibility. After all, what can one person do to make a difference?

But when we begin to care for the earth as lovingly as we care for our families and friends, our impact gains momentum and multiplies. Suddenly, one small action — such as switching to a reusable coffee cup or investing in a piece of ethically made clothing — becomes a collective revolution.

Look at the bigger picture and visualize how you fit into it.

What is your ecological footprint?

To begin to see how you can best make an impact, question the ways you currently exist in the world. Cultivate awareness by really examining your everyday surroundings through your senses: sight, touch, smell.

What is the tactile sensation of an item of clothing against your body? Do the art pieces or other objects you surround yourself with give you joy? What is it like to smell the fresh herbs or the fresh-baked bread at the farmer’s market in the spring?

How do these things make you feel? Only you can answer, but we firmly believe each of us has an internal compass that guides us towards what is joyful and ethically responsible. In fact, the two often blend together. What feels good — often the things that are natural, simple and true — tends to also be what is good for the planet.

Once you have a greater awareness of how you feel in your surroundings, take a few moments to examine your daily routine, especially around consumption and waste. Try creating a written list of your activities. (I’ll be sharing mine in the next post, so stay tuned!) Approach this self-documentation with curiosity, not judgment. Be kind to yourself and others. Sustainability shouldn’t be a competition or an anxiety-inducing checklist. Don’t feel guilty if you’re finding that your day doesn’t perfectly align with your values — it happens to all of us! This list gives each of us a good starting place for positive change.

How do we get started with change?

Education is key. Explore the ideas that many beautiful makers and thinkers have about sustainability. Read articles, watch videos and attend events if they are accessible to you.

We’ve met tons of incredible people doing truly thought-provoking things in our community, which gives us the inspiration to continue doing great things in our own lives. I like to bookmark articles that energize me and reread them when I’m feeling discouraged or overwhelmed. Always remember that even a small step can make great impact when we are all acting together.

If setting aside time for education seems out of reach, try to approach it with the curiosity of a new hobby or project. If you don’t have time browse sites regularly, subscribe to weekly newsletters (like ours). Pencil in an event every few months and bring a friend to make it even more enjoyable. Make time to read, watch or listen to at least one interesting piece at lunch or during your morning routine.

Here are some of our favorite resources to check out:

And of course, stay up to date with Pildora content. We have lots of exciting things in the works to arm you with even more ideas and tips on this journey.

Joining the Sustainability Community

The community we belong to at Pildora is a welcoming and joyful one. We open our doors and accept people at all stages of the journey, whether you are just finding your way into the discussion or have been a sustainability pioneer for years. There’s room for everyone and we’re glad to have you here.

Hopefully, after watching and reading about our three-step sustainability philosophy, you can see how it all ties together. Connection in all forms — with ourselves, one another and the environment — is the reason we are here. Love yourself, love others, love the earth.

You’ve already come so far just by reading these posts. Keep at it: We believe in you and are here to support your personal journey.