As Halloween quickly approaches, the Pildora fam is starting to think about what to wear, buy, and decorate that keeps the environment in mind. Like many special events, Halloween parties are wasteful, from the decor (spiderwebs and all) to the utensils (looking at you plastic plates). On top of this, many costumes are mass-produced with polyester, a plastic-based material that is harmful to the environment and human health. This leaves Halloween as one of the most wasteful and environmentally damaging holidays, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow our guide to learn about six things you can do differently this Halloween

It all starts with candy!

Many companies are making changes in both their ingredients and supply chain, so parents everywhere can be confident in buying their products. Take the extra time this year to purchase from these brands over others: 

Alter Eco: Makes fair trade chocolates with compostable wrappers. 

Boxed Candy: This includes the mini cartons of Milk Duds and Junior Mints.

Instead of candy, also consider giving out things such as pencils or temporary tattoos. In addition to reducing the amount of garbage produced from those single-serve packages (which are not recyclable), you’ll provide a healthier alternative.

Support the local farmers

Hit up the local farmer’s market and acquire decorations, such as pumpkins and gourds, instead of their plastic alternatives. Not only are these the most sustainable option, but they also look so much better. Need more decorations? Consider turning old tights into spider webs, painting cardboard boxes into tombstones, and shopping for glass pieces that you can keep using every year.

Shop your own closet for costumes

Many of us forget to look at what we already have before running out to the store. Have a character or theme in mind? See what you already have from past costumes and your wardrobe in general. 

Thrift your costume

If you’re trying to go all out and the things within your closet are not cutting it, consider thrifting! Thrift stores everywhere are stocked with costumes every year and are also full of random items that can be creatively put together into something totally unique. Plus, you might find a few items totally unrelated to Halloween you didn’t know you needed. Check out our most recent thrifting video here.

Focus on the makeup

Many costumes can be made with a simple outfit and dramatic makeup. Consider following one of the many how-to tutorials on youtube and swapping some of the cosmetic products presented with more sustainable brands, such as this biodegradable glitter from Package Free Shop, or grab a fun color to add to your refillable packages, such as the ones by Kjaer Weis.

Save your stuff

If you do go out to buy that extra accessory or decoration from the store, don’t forget to put it away for next year because it will be Halloween again before you know it. 

The idea is whether you’re turning into a sexy cat, a scary vampire, or a hot dog, push yourself to DIY (do it yourself) and earn the bragging rights to say “I made this” or “I found this in my own closet,” while saving yourself a pretty penny in the meantime. Keep our planet clean and keep kids safe with clean candies through supporting brands with environmental initiatives and, most importantly, have a happy Halloween from all of us here at the Pildora family!