We believe that events are a wonderful way to create connections and meaningful impact. Our brand’s roots are in the event space, and we still organize beautiful, sustainable events in addition to our other work in the community. Our signature event, Fashionability, is an example of an idea that took on a life of its own through months of hard work and the dedicated help of enthusiastic partners.

Fashionability 2019 took place this past February during New York Fashion Week at the World of McIntosh, a five-story townhouse in SoHo. There were over 300 attendees. Our goal has always been to bring eclectic thinkers together to experience sustainability through new art forms. We also honor leaders who create a positive impact in addition to living eco-friendly lifestyles.

If you haven’t guessed by now, Pildora is not a typical corporate brand. We value intimacy and warmth, as well as positive energy and passion for our sustainability mission. We all feel like a family and we wanted our guests to feel as welcome and inspired as possible. Our four-person team had to be nimble to pull off such an expansive, involved event, but the results exceeded all of our expectations.

Of course, our chief goal was to make the event as sustainable as possible. We didn’t use any plastic, except as a prop in the art installations (more on that below!), and recycled anything we could. Everyone who worked with us, from the team at World of McIntosh to the caterers themselves, followed our example of creating minimal waste and involving as many eco-friendly brands as possible. We were so encouraged to see how quickly and willingly our partners adapted to our sustainability goals!

During Fashionability 2019, we also began to compost during the event — our first time trying this. With the help of Reclaimed Organics, we set up composting stations throughout the venue, ensuring that even the food waste we created would have a part in enriching the environment.

Jermaine Browne — international choreographer, and my dear friend — partnered with to develop a hip-hop performance for the event. It was energetic and moving, and felt so right for the funky townhouse in the heart of New York. Dancers and models were wearing clothing made by two sustainable designers featured at this event: Querencia Studios and Andagain.

Near the entrance of the venue, we screened a Mas Alla de la Herencia with an ecological subplot about The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. While the movie played, a synchronized swimmer performed in the pool below. We found plastic in the basement of the World of McIntosh and wrapped it around her to wear as she moved in the water. The plastic threading through the swimmer’s limbs in the water provided an apt symbol for the way plastic has entwined itself in our oceans — and lives.

Patrick Duffy from Global Fashion Exchange and Amanda Lee from Nest gave keynote talks about sustainability and their recent projects.

No event would be complete without gift bags. We sourced our sustainable organic cotton bags from Package Free and included stainless steel straws and reusable cups from NAECO. It was important to give our attendees concrete tools to begin making changes, no matter how small. Our goal for Fashionability is to highlight positive brands, ideas and tools in order to empower our attendees to reach their own sustainability goals.

At this past Fashionability event, I looked around and felt endlessly grateful for the way everything came together. I saw people leaning in for passionate conversations, exchanging ideas and making new connections. All around us, artists, thinkers and inspiring brands mingled and spread positivity. It was an unforgettable night.

The event wasn’t without hiccups, as any event planner will tell you, but the energy was so robust in the room that I have a hard time remembering anything except the smiles all around me. I have high hopes that this event will continue to grow with every passing year. And if Fashionability inspired one person to create some positive changes in their lifestyle, then I consider the event a glowing success.