This summer we are launching an online web-store featuring sustainable designers, brands, and vintage curators from all over the globe. Pildora Boutique will be your one-stop shop for all sustainable and ethical clothing, accessories, and beauty products.

Our mission with Pildora Boutique is to create an authentic network of impactful vendors that consumers can trust. We will provide designers with a community of other sustainable brands with sustainability at their core. With this, they can flourish to continue to meet their sustainable needs and to grow further than they ever thought imaginable.

Designers can expect to not only gain access to an extensive audience of conscious consumers, but they can grow by participating in our events, editorials and marketing outreach initiatives.

As a consumer, it is important for you to recognize that your purchase is a vote. Every time you buy an item you are supporting that brand and its ethos. By shopping at Pildora Boutique, you are voting for a better and brighter future through supporting designers that are committed to creating a positive impact through revolutionizing the fashion industry.

Welcome to the Pildora family! We are excited to have you on this journey with us because together we can make a change.

If your a sustainable designer interested in applying to sell on Pildora Boutique head to