I attribute practicing yoga daily to the creation of Pildora. I once lived in Los Angeles in what seemed to be a perfect life, with a boyfriend and a stable job. However, I lived day to day without true emotions, in a zombie-like state. It wasn’t until I decided to change my life by attending a Friday-to-Sunday yoga teacher training, which kept me from drinking my thoughts away on the weekends, that I experienced an awakening.

When I stretched out my muscles, understood stillness, and made space, I was able to open up my chakras, and I broke down. I finally felt alive again, understanding my emotions and myself. I realized that I was unhappy with how my life was going and I decided it was time to get away. After a long yoga retreat in Mexico, I came back to LA and within 48 hours I moved out to the mountains of Malibu. During this time, I was accepted to Parsons, and without even thinking I decided it was time to take a risk. I left my whole life behind and never looked back. A couple of weeks later my two pups and I moved to New York City, where I eventually started Pildora.

This is a quick summary of a monumental life change, but I can honestly say I attribute these incredible positive steps to yoga. By truly connecting to myself, becoming conscious of my life, and gaining the courage to grow and move to New York City, I was able to create Pildora.

To this day, I try to practice yoga twice a day, even if for just five minutes at home. In the morning, it energizes my body and starts my day on a good note, and at night it helps me unwind and relax.

How Can You Start?

Practicing yoga twice a day may seem daunting, so it’s always good to start small. By attending yoga classes, you are guided through the motions on how to focus without distractions. However, you can easily watch an online how-to and start at home before hitting a class and going public.

The Benefits

Yoga has positively changed me physically, emotionally and mentally. Mentally yoga has created space and allowed me to connect with myself and my life in an incredible way. By connecting to your body and breath, you are able to connect to your mind.

Emotionally, I was able to dig down deep inside by stretching each muscle in my body, which eventually led me to really release what I was feeling. I had so many repressed emotions that were released upon starting yoga. Once I connected to my feelings, I was much more in touch with what I wanted out of my life.

Physically, I felt a deep connection to my body like never before. Yoga brought a new sense of consciousness to my body that surprised me. Everything I eat affects my practice and I understand my body now more than ever. It is interesting to see how drinking alcohol or eating poorly translates to my ability to practice. In my recent experience of going pescatarian, I found that my sweat was no longer pungent due to the number of toxins I have eliminated by cutting out meat.

You will gain a healthy relationship with your body, and you will become grateful for every limb that helps you maneuver each pose. By pushing your limits, you are able to gain confidence within yourself that translates to your day-to-day.

I am incredibly grateful for yoga and for new found consciousness through this experience.