The weather outside is frightful, family time is insightful, and we just want to dive into sweets.

The holidays are a great time to get dressed up, go to parties, and visit with family! However, they can also be an overly emotional time if we end up in close proximity to family members and loved ones for one too many days. In those moments, we can’t wait for the party to end. Then comes the best part of the night when we get to go home, kick off our shoes, and relax. 

This shoot is meant to express all of that holiday energy and anxiety by taking an inside look at a girl in her kitchen. In today’s society, a woman’s relationship with food often has negative connotations. We see ads everywhere telling us what to eat and what not to eat. Women in the media are often portrayed with tiny waists and shown eating a salad with a side of fruit.  We are here to delete these images of false reality. 

Through this shoot, Pildora seeks to give you a realistic picture of what ya girls actually look like in the kitchen post-holiday blitz. While we are big proponents of living consciously, our featured model and founder of Models That Eat, Phoebe Pojo, demonstrates that it’s okay to indulge and let yourself live in these moments.

There is no relationship in the world like that which exists between a human and the nourishment that is food. So this holiday season, remember to stay grateful, be true to yourself, enjoy, and don’t let the media dictate your life.

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Reformation Velvet Dress, Veerah Nude Heels

Alexander McQueen Red Dress, Acme Silver Boots

Production – Pildora ( Photographer – Liza Boone (@LizaBoone) Creative Direction/Stylist – Christina Almeida (@Christeeenii) Makeup – Sasha Cruz (@Sashacruzbeauty) Hair Stylist – Zeta (@HairbyZeta) Female Model – Pheobe Pojo (@Pojo) Styling Assistant – Catherine Barcheski (@CatherineBarcheski) Production Assistant – Rachel Fritz (@RachelFritz)