When Amanda Paulsen, founder of Mana Made, couldn’t find simple, yet quality jewelry pieces, she embarked on her own creative venture. Like many passionate entrepreneurs, she saw a gap in the market and turned it into an opportunity. 

Amanda draws inspiration from her life experiences. Growing up on the East End of Long Island and spending much of her time in New York City, she developed a deep appreciation of nature, which she experienced whenever she ventured outside of the concrete jungle. One place that really spoke to her was California, where she lived for the better part of a decade. The abundance of beautiful beaches, desert scenery, and unique SoCal sunsets touched her soul, and her vision took root. Her first Mana Made designs were created there. Today, she calls Brooklyn home and ventures back to SoCal frequently.

Amanda tends to keep her designs simple and sustainable as an ode to the life she lives. Many of her pieces include natural shells and stones she sources from beaches on both coasts. While she does like to take risks with a few of her pieces, the majority are classics that will last for years to come. Here at Pildora, we have a personal appreciation for quality basics. Basics are easy to add to any outfit and support a more minimalistic and sustainable way of life. You can see our favorite basic pick from Amanda’s Mana Made line, the Vintage Lines Cuff Bracelet, here!

Sustainable designs can mean a higher price tag for both the consumer and the business owner because the ethical sourcing of labor and materials can be costly. To make it work for her, Amanda keeps a part-time job while running Mana Made Jewelry as a one-person shop. Her hope is to one day have a passionate group of visionaries trained in the artisanal practices she uses working with her to help grow her venture and dream. She also hopes to educate customers on the practices of sustainability and the importance of investing in pieces they’ll keep forever. Until then, Pildora is excited to feature and sell her small-batch items.