As we veer toward the end of fall, families everywhere are gearing up for Thanksgiving celebrations! While this is a loving and thankful time of year, sometimes we’re so focused on providing for our families that we forget about being sustainable, especially when dealing with an overwhelming amount of moving parts. So this year, when making purchases in preparation for the holiday, keep in mind that the key to sustainability is slowing down and thinking through our consumption. Similar to our previous post regarding green travel here, it starts with taking a step back and looking at some of your previous purchasing habits. Is there anything you could change this season to be more sustainable? Here are a few tips.

Ditch the single-use plastic

Sometimes it feels necessary to use paper or plastic plates and cutlery for your large gathering to avoid an overwhelming amount of dishes to wash. One simple way to make this Thanksgiving a more sustainable feast is to use compostable alternatives. The same goes for plastic cups (make sure to purchase compostable). Circle Terra makes biodegradable options for just about all of your large gathering needs.

Purchase from the local farmer’s market

Local farmers will have fresh seasonal vegetables that are perfect for your Thanksgiving feast. Vegetables can be the highlight of the meal! Roasted squash is a simple, filling, and delicious option. At local farmer’s markets, the fruits and vegetables are fresh and often organic at affordable prices. Just remember to purchase only what you will be using so nothing is wasted!

Save your leftovers properly

The best part of Thanksgiving is the leftovers! But be sure to do it right. If you end up with excess food (which sometimes happens without intention when buying and cooking for a large gathering), consider freezing the leftovers. Turkey stuffing, for example, is easy to freeze and thaw later when you’re ready for another taste of the holiday. Think about how delightful it would be to pull some stuffing from the freezer on a cold winter night and relive your delicious meal.

Turn your scraps into soup

Why purchase a vegetable broth to make soup when you have all the ingredients left over after your Thanksgiving festivities? Keep items you would usually dispose of, such as garlic peels and onion tops, and use them to create a flavorful broth (here is the perfect recipe!). Also, remember that these scraps are great for your compost pile instead of your garbage can!

Wear something sustainable and tell your family all about shopping on Pildora!

While we aren’t launching until December, there is no better time to spread the word of our platform featuring unique and sustainable designers and brands than over a meal with those you love. Maybe they’re looking for a new blog to read to learn more about what they can do to help our planet. Or maybe they’re in the market for a new piece of clothing or some gift ideas for their holiday shopping. Send them our way! And remember to slow down and make more sustainable purchases this holiday season! Happy Holidays from the Pildora Fam!