At Pildora, our events serve as vehicles for change. These are networking spaces where impactful industry leaders can come together and initiate real change while immersed in unforgettable experiences. Incorporating sustainability into the beauty of our daily lives happens gradually: we approach sustainability and change from a place of acceptance, not judgement. Creativity and consistency are critical to delivering our message through the arts.

On February 7th, Pildora kicked off New York Fashion Week by hosting #FASHIONABILITY. The event brought together an eclectic audience to experience sustainability through the arts. We aimed to honor leaders in the fashion and entertainment industry that work to create positive impact while leading eco-friendly lifestyles.

Here’s how we made it happen:

Planning #FASHIONABILITY was a beautiful journey. I like to take a Human-Centered Design approach, looking at every detail, variable and stakeholder involved, weighing their contributions and analyzing their effect on the end result. From choosing a venue to finding the perfect styling team, developing the best choreography for denim to integrating composting into the event, the Pildora team united to create a night unlike anything the sustainability industry had seen before.

Sure, we encountered obstacles while putting everything together — that’s part of event planning. But with a team that feels like a family, filled with people who share a common goal of creating something meaningful, we were able to tackle them all together.

We also realized that sustainability is nothing without partnerships. Through our collaborations, we continued to build and strengthen relationships with brands that share our ethos. The event gave us a platform to promote not only ourselves but our partners — critical for working together and creating meaningful change.

Venue: World of McIntosh Townhouse – Soho, NYC

I discovered the World of McIntosh through my dear friend and talented photographer Federica Dall’Orso. We first entered the space to create a fashion editorial for our December feature with AndAgain; I knew then that we were meant to produce something meaningful in that townhouse. The energy was perfect, the lighting magnificent, the vintage New York decor stunning: I instantly felt a connection with the space and their team.

Internal Team:

For all of our ventures at Pildora, I make sure that our team has a positive and light energy. This event was no different. We all had to work together towards the common goal of creating something meaningful and impactful. Our passion for expression through various art forms tied us together. Guests could feel this energy and the ambience thrives on it. This is the basis for all the magic that is the movement within Pildora and #FASHIONABILITY.

Waste Management: Reclaimed Organics – location

As a brand focused on sustainability, waste management during our events was one way we could walk the walk. We made sure to use no plastic during the event, so all plates and utensils were compostable bamboo. More challenging was integrating composting options. I struggled to figure out how I would get bags of waste to a composting station after the event. One of our event host committee members, Celeste MckMickle — a top sustainability consultant in New York City — analyzed our situation and connected me with Reclaimed Organics, a company committed to giving food scraps a second life through composting. They provided a compost bin and collected it after the event the next day — via bicycle. This was a huge win for us.

Features: Jermaine Brown – choreography; Querencia Studios – exhibition; AndAgain – denim

The creativity and innovation behind #FASHIONABILITY was developed hand in hand with my dear friend and partner in this event, Jermaine Browne. Jermaine aided in the development of the choreography, performances and aesthetic of the event. We also had two sustainable designers, who were previously featured in our fall designer spotlight series, present at #FASHIONABILITY: Querencia Studios and AndAgain Co. While Querencia featured their Dichromacy collection in a museum like presentation, AndAgain denim was used as part of Jermaine’s choreographed piece. Guests were left inspired after visualizing garments in a totally new and artistic way — who knew denim could dance? We finished the evening with a live performances from The Voice’s Kimberly Nichole.

Installation Partners: ARCH –step-and-repeat; Alejandro Gonzales – Más alla de la Herencia

Upon entering the event guests were greeted with a jaw-dropping step and repeat made from reclaimed wood. This amazing piece was produced by ARCH, a company devoted to creating meaningful experiences through custom designs. The piece they created for our event was made sustainably using materials left over from their previous works.

We screened a trailer screening of Más alla de la Herencia, a Spanish film that sheds light on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The trailer was screened above a pool, in which a synchronized swimmer interacted with plastic bubble wrap (which we found in the storage room of the townhouse) to simulate what is going on in the ocean and reflect the urgency of plastic pollution.

Guest speakers: Patrick Duffy – Global Fashion Exchange; Amanda Lee – Nest

We had two guest speakers from amazing organizations in sustainable fashion. Patrick Duffy, the Founder of Global Fashion Exchange, spoke about his experience in the sustainable fashion industry. Amanda Lee, Director of Brand Strategy and Artisan Production at the nonprofit Nest, shared stories about the company’s work internationally.

Both Patrick and Amanda deserve special recognition for their ongoing work to support sustainable fashion and Pildora is so excited about our ongoing relationship with both organizations.

Other Partners: Interceramic – sponsor; Package Free, Naeco – gift bags

Our sustainable gift bags included organic #GIVEASHIT totes and stainless steel straws from PackageFree in Williamsburg, as well as reusable water bottles from Naeco.
Interceramic, an international ceramic tile company, has been an invaluable partner since the launch of Pildora. They have graciously sponsored both of our #FASHIONABILITY events and we consider them part of them family now as well.

Organizing #FASHIONABILITY was a challenging but thrilling adventure.  As the eclectic crowd came together, I watched connections being made across industries and conversations around sustainability blossoming. It’s beautiful to see, because meaningful impact starts with thought and conversation. Each event and each action gets us one step closer to creating something impactful. If #FASHIONABILITY influenced even one person to change their habits or take a deeper look at themselves, their choices and their lifestyle, then it was all worth it. I’m so excited to see it evolve and grow for many years to come.