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Pildora’s events are planned using a strategic design lens. We use Human Centered Design (HCD) to approach and develop high-end, unforgettable experiences that integrate art, music, dance, fashion and content production with sustainability from start to finish.

We take all stakeholders, including the environment and our surrounding neighborhood, into consideration during all aspects of development, leading up to, during and after the event.

Our events are a vehicle for change and connection. Top industry leaders and innovators come together to initiate real impact while enjoying an unforgettable experience.

Each event is carefully crafted to ensure sustainability through:


We feature and promote sustainable or ethical brands and designers from our Pildora database at our events.


We work with brands and sponsors who are on a similar mission to create a positive impact. All partners must have the same commitments to sustainability and must demonstrate them through their brand.


We always find a way to donate part of the funding or money raised from our events to a charity or non-profit.

Minimal Waste

We aim to make our events as close to zero waste as possible by providing recycling and composting options.


We use only biodegradable materials in our events and do not use plastic.

Our Signature Event

FashionAbility is an immersive experience celebrating fashion, luxury and awareness. We communicate sustainability using art forms like music and movement.

NY Fashion Week – February 2019

Miami Fashion Week – April 2018

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