Meet Darya Zozulya, Pildora Pioneer and the face behind My Secret Avenue. Darya was the inspiration for our most recent editorial, “Elemental Evolution,” which takes you on a journey through the six elements. However, the six elements do not only mean Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Metal, and Wood. They also mean Movement, Change, and Development. They are changing, moving, waning, and expanding all the time. Through our deeper understanding and growing connection to these elements, we grow to better understand our universe, ourselves, and our power. Through this shoot, we experience an elemental evolution and connection to the inner goddess and her light, and there was no better person for this than conscious influencer, Darya Zozulya.

The shoot took place on a sunny November morning, with hair, makeup and, most importantly, fashion transforming Darya into a representation of the elements. The shoot featured Lizzy Gee, one of Pildora’s newest designers. The materials sparked intrigue while showing off the intricate detail Lizzy puts into each garment. 

To Darya, sustainability means “balance for all,” meaning that no one on this earth suffers for another and that everyone takes compassionate and considered actions every day. She mainly eats a plant-based diet, has a cruelty-free closet, and wears all-natural makeup. Her motto is to “vibrate high, and know that love and kindness will always win,” and this positive and loving energy shined bright as she connected to her inner-beauty throughout the shoot. 

The shoot ended on a rooftop overlooking the Williamsburg Bridge and East River, where Darya reconnected to the last element, water, her favorite. Since she was a little girl, she dreamed of becoming a mermaid someday and, well, we got pretty close that day to make her dream come true in our shoot!

Follow along through the images to experience the evolution that comes through reconnection to our earth, its elements, and your inner-goddess.

Element: Air, Dress: Lizzy Gee
Element: Fire, Dress: Lizzy Gee
Element: Metal, Dress: Lizzy Gee
Element: Earth, Jacket: Lizzy Gee
Element: Wood, Pants: Lizzy Gee
Element: Water, Dress: Lizzy Gee

Production – Pildora ( Creative Director/Stylist – Christina Almeida (@Christeeenii) Photographer – Federica Dall’Orso (@federicaphotography) Makeup – Sasha Cruz (@Sashaxcruz) Hair Stylist – Valerie Vanessa ( Female Model – Darya Zozulya (@mysecretavenue) Styling Assistant – Catherine Barcheski (@Catherinebarcheski) Featured Designer – Lizzy Gee (@Lizzygee)