Scarlet Fever – When Pildora Meets Querencia

Nov 12

Querencia Studio is a New York City based sustainable fashion brand with a mission to change the fashion industry and solve the environmental issues surrounded within it. The goal of Querencia Studio is to become a model sustainable fashion brand that is both desirable to wear, and not detrimental to the environment.  Querencia Studio uses the United Nations Development Goals as a platform when designing their clothes.

Querencia Studio uses only recyclable materials, and often they find themselves using materials that others would deem as garbage. Mostly using organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo, Querencia Studio is looking to phase out polyester completely. The Pildora team absolutely loved collaborating with Querencia in November where we captured the red Dichromacy collection in Querencia’s space, The Canvas in Williamsburg. A space they are now having sustainable events in almost every weekend.

“Red represents revolution,” says head designer Kate Walz at Querencia Studio. She wants customers to feel empowered when they put on her garments. The Dichromacy collection, which is portrayed in our editorial with Querencia, was designed and created by Kate at the height of the #MeToo movement, at a time when women were finally taking a stand against sexual misconduct. The show-stopping centerpiece, a larger than life (literally!) puffer jacket with a claw wrapped around the main body encompasses what it feels like to be a woman at this point in history.

Skillfully harnessing a palette of scarlet red, pastel pink and burgundy, Kate is one of those great talents whose genius sparkles within constraints — The whole collection was constructed ethically using Fab Scrap materials that would otherwise end up in landfill. FabScrap is an amazing resource that almost every designer Pildora has featured works with. Kate Walz’s designs are durable, fashionable and sustainable. Her Dichromacy collection is handmade and each piece is one of a kind. The greatest insight gathered from working with designers like Kate and brands like Querencia Studios is that they are not compromising on style or quality to be sustainable.

While featuring Querencia we got to know the whole team very well including President Devin Gilmartin and CEO Tegan Maxey, who met in the Island School and founded Querencia as partners. They explained that they are experimenting with bio textile development and continuing to grow through seeking meaningful collaborations with new partners, like the Pause Fashion Hub and the Global Fashion Exchange. We continue to feel  inspired as we witness the hard work and evolution of Querencia Studios and we are excited to see what comes next!

DICHROMACY addresses United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals :

5. Gender Equality

10. Reduced Inequalities

12. Responsible Consumption and Production

17. Partnerships for the Goals

Photographer: Federica Dall’Orso

Creative Direction: Christina Almeida & Jermaine Browne

Makeup Artist: Sasha Colina Cruz

Stylist: Diego Larez

Model: Julia Wheatley

Location: The Canvas