I founded Pildora to highlight, promote and support sustainability through the arts. Pildora’s mission was clear to me from the beginning; in order to reach people to make them care and to truly erase the stigma, I needed to show sustainability through a visual medium: art, images, and videography. My aim is to inspire and move people.

I have dreamed of many different events since the day I founded Pildora and one of those dreams became a reality last week with the creation and execution of ARTxFASHION.

ARTxFASHION was our latest Pildora event where we showcased various New York City artists’ greatest pieces with a sustainable fashion pop-up. It was held on July 18th at The Canvas in Williamsburg on a hot New York City night, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect night or moment for me to announce the launch of Pildora Boutique. The Canvas, powered by Querencia Studio, is a multidisciplinary space aimed at addressing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. It welcomes creatives and entrepreneurs to gather for collaboration through workshops, installations, galleries, pop-ups, events and experiences that further initiatives contributing to solving the world’s most critical issues. The Canvas holds over forty brands from around the world, a Global Fashion Exchange Swap Shop and a Goodwill Donation Center. It was the perfect venue for ARTxFASHION and I couldn’t be more grateful to the whole team at The Canvas, who I now call good friends.

Three words I have about our event are art, fashion, and love…


ARTxFASHION was truly a space of limitless dreams and no boundaries. Each artist exhibition expressed something about our society or the world; onlookers witnessed the passion and energy that radiated off each piece, and artists that stood proudly by their work. The event has an art reception feel, but it took on a shape of its own that can’t be described in words. It can only be felt and experienced.

Michael Murphy of Perceptual Art spent over three full days in a blistering New York City heatwave installing his masterpiece, Immigrant and his other piece Climate Change is Real. Immigrant, made up thousands of hanging black wooden pieces, was created as a tribute to immigrants, with the help of immigrants to set it up. It was truly a masterpiece that moved and inspired the audience.

Climate Change is Real, made of hundreds of hanging coins, delivers a strong message about our environment. At one angle, it read Climate while the other angle showed Real.

Michael Murphy, who has studied and taught sculpture for his whole life, demonstrated not only an amazing craft through his work but an invaluable capacity to deliver a message and make your heart race.

During this magical evening, there was also a live art installation by artist and activist Daniel Harrington Jr. called Ice Clocks. He painted over four large ice blocks in front of a mural of the Statue of Liberty underwater. With each ice block weighing 300 pounds, this installation is meant to replicate our melting ice caps. As he wrote his revised lyrics to New York New York, he painted the melting words onto his ice piece as onlookers stood captivated, in shock yet in absolute amusement. Dan showed such intense conviction as he painted, completely lost in his own world, there only to deliver his heartfelt message about our environment. I have such admiration for him, and all the artists there that night.

Dan and I actually met this Spring in Tulum when I was staying at Casa Laha, a home he and his wife recently turned into a hotel after living there for 13 years. I had a transformational experience on this trip to Tulum where I had many realizations, one of which was that I needed to have this event and that Dan must be there. He spoke to me about his past art exhibitions in Paris and around the world and how it had always been his dream to perform this live art exhibit in New York City. And as we talked late into the salty ocean breeze-filled night, I was moved by his passion. His dream became my dream and I realized it was time to make not only Dan’s dream a reality, but my own as well, and that dream was ARTxFASHION.

Lastly, one of our first Pildora Pioneers model activist Brana Dane, was also set up at ARTxFASHION. She painted the female body of a model laying across a table to convey different messages about the human form. She stood, with her various crystal necklaces, carefully selecting each color and shape for her abstract masterpiece as onlookers watched in total admiration for such freedom. I am so grateful to now call Brana a friend and have had her there with us at the event.


At this event, I announced that we are launching Pildora Boutique this summer. Pildora Boutique is an online network and community of sustainable designers and it is built to be a one-stop-shop for sustainable fashion. The mission is to create meaningful connections between designers and consumers all over the world. We currently have over 30 designers signed up, with four of them at ARTxFASHION, Pearce, AndAgainMinus Us and Querencia Studio. Each brand had its own area as part of the Pildora Pop-up where they created a curated display of their garments. We had four dancers showcase Pearce and Minus Us, with the two men wearing Pearce and the two women wearing Minus Us. 

As guests filled the venue, it was almost time…for my speech. My favorite and most dreaded part of every event we host! As the clock struck 9:30 p.m. I took a deep breath and hopped up on stage to tell everyone about Pildora Boutique and how they could join our revolution!

Following my speech the dancers slithered on stage and performed a beautifully choreographed piece by Jermaine Browne. I always like to integrate dance into our non-conventional fashion shows as there is nothing like movement to make people feel alive.


I called this section love because I honestly have so much love for everyone who helped make this event possible.

We kept the event as sustainable and waste-free as possible thanks to Joy Morgan, a sustainability and waste-management consultant. She assured this by creating separate bins for compost, recycling and waste, as well as making sure each bin was properly placed and there was signage posted. She also connected us with sustainable brands that helped make the night even more special while staying sustainable.

Guests enjoyed rosé from Marcel Wines and tequila from Casa Dragones, food from Beyond Sushi and Local Roots, and live music from DJ Roberta Remoli on this beautiful New York City night.

The Pildora family is always my rock. They have been there from the beginning. Our evolving family is everything to me. Events like this wouldn’t be possible without the Pildora family.

For this event, I worked with two great friends from Made in Italy and Big Picture Presents, who aided in us getting over 300 beautiful souls to the event.

It was a magical night. I saw my dreams become reality while others were inspired to create their own dream. With the success of our event, I can only imagine how impactful Pildora Boutique will become in the upcoming months.