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What is Pildora?

Pildora is a creative lifestyle brand and events company centered in sustainable fashion, environmental consciousness and social impact.

We want to eliminate the stigma around sustainable fashion and give sustainable designers a voice via our platform.

Our content and events are vehicles for change. Online, Pildora leads people to shop consciously without sacrificing on style. At our events, we create networking spaces for industry leaders and innovators to come together, initiating real impact while enjoying unforgettable experiences.

What are our vehicles for change?


We produce creative content around sustainable fashion and designers that is beautiful, informative and on-trend.


We produce creative content around sustainable fashion and designers that is beautiful, informative and on-trend.


We leverage our platform to bring together an eclectic network and expose audiences to sustainability through a highly curated environmentally conscious experience that highlights fashion, art, and movement.


We use our growing international network, partnerships and platform to tie various channels together, creating space for sustainable designers and brands to express themselves.

What we value at Pildora

Social Impact

We aim to educate and inspire society to live a more conscious and sustainable life, to learn about sustainable creators, designers and products, and to take small steps toward implementing sustainable practices in their own life.


We take a creative approach to living sustainably. This starts with a new understanding of sustainability that is chic, fresh and approachable. We seek out the newest sustainable technologies and trends to integrate into our content and events. Our experiential events allow attendees to connect with ethical fashion and brands through art, music and dance.


We want to connect creatives, give a voice to upcoming sustainable designers and provide our audience with fresh avenues to start the process of conscious change and sustainable living. We strive to create a smart and chic sustainable community within the fashion industry.

Sustainable Brands

We value businesses and brands that are committed to sustainability in their fields of expertise, and see Pildora as the platform to help express their messages. This includes designers who share our sustainable fashion values: those who use upcycled materials and create clothes in ethical ways, or offer products that help people live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Minimal Waste

We are big proponents of reducing carbon footprints to better conserve the earth for future generations of people. We do this by avoiding the use of plastic throughout our events, recycling appropriate materials and partnering with local disposal management organizations to compost food waste.

What does sustainable fashion mean to Pildora?

Our Definition

Sustainable fashion is built with care. Made thoughtfully, consciously and with high-quality materials, it will withstand time and wear. It will do no harm to the hands that made it or the animals of the earth. From design to factory to hanger, it has nothing to hide. It’s impact on the planet is minimal, and thus means the world.

Meet Christina, the Founder of Pildora
Christina Almeida - CEO & Founder

Christina Almeida

Creative Entrepreneur, Innovative Producer

A female entrepreneur living in New York City, Christina Almeida founded Pildora in February 2018. In her productions with Pildora, Christina applies a unique skill set developed through her Masters in Strategic Design from Parsons The New School.

Through Pildora, she takes a new approach to event planning through a strategic design lens. The company uses a Human Centered Design (HCD) approach to develop high-end, unforgettable experiences that integrate art, music, dance, fashion and content production with sustainability from start to finish.

Christina takes all stakeholders—including the environment and surrounding neighborhood — into consideration during all aspects of development leading up to, during and after the event.

Christina has lived in several countries around the world, including France and Mexico, and continues to build and maintain international relationships. Her mission with Pildora is to build a large global network of sustainable individuals, brands and companies. She firmly believes that only together can we create positive impact.

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