This weekend Pildora hosted an event very near and dear to our hearts, A Night in Mexico. The event was a fundraiser supporting the Vida Digna Foundation of Chihuahua, Mexico. 

For almost 25 years, Vida Digna has supported the Rarámuri communities of Chihuahua, Mexico. The focus of the foundation is to help these communities gain their basic necessities, such as healthcare, education, and clean drinking water.  

Raramuri Classroom

The event was created and organized by none other than Pildora’s CEO and founder, Christina Almeida. Growing up in Chihuahua, Christina experienced the Rarámuri people firsthand and was always intrigued by their lifestyle and their love and respect for the planet. Bringing them to light in the New York City community was a dream come true. Not only did she want to raise funds for them, but she wanted guests to have the opportunity to learn from their communities’ respectful and sustainable culture. 

The Rarámuri people’s appreciation for nature, love for our earth, and absolute respect for human life are basic fundamentals of the Rarámuri culture. The Rarámuri have been around for centuries and have endured disease and famine, but their ideologies have not changed. Today’s modern world must learn from the Rarámuri if we are to prosper together. 

Raramuri Traditional Crafts by the Children

Hosted by Eglantina Zingg and Christina Almeida, the sustainable event began with a cocktail hour, where guests were transported to the streets of Mexico City to the beat of a live band in a space reminiscent of Frida Kahlo’s back yard, filled with plants, candles, and rich blues, yellows, and hints of pink. Greenery wrapped in twinkle lights cascaded from the ceiling and bright floral arrangements filled the corners of the room and adorned each table. A traditional Mexican gourmet meal was served while guests enjoyed an opening performance by Aztec calpulli dancers, dressed in beautifully colored dresses and Mariachi hats, performing a traditional Aztec dance.

NEW YORK, NY – DECEMBER 7: Eglantina Zingg and Christina Almeida attend A Night In Mexico at The James New York – NoMad on December 7, 2019 in New York.
(Photo by Sylvain Gaboury/PMC/PMC)

A silent auction followed, featuring donated pieces from artists from the United States and Mexico, including purses from the Canna Project, a custom jacket from AndAgain, and paintings from Chrystal Rae, JD Miller, and Mateo Nava. A raffle was also held and one lucky guest took home a commissioned piece by artist Chrystal Rae. 

Mariana Zaragoza

Notable guests included Victor D. Almeida, Mariana Zaragoza, Consul Jorge Islas, Chrystal Almeida, Eduardo Najera, and our Pildora Pioneers Darya Zozulya and Phoebe Pojo, who filled the room with their inspiring energy and excitement. These special individuals came together to celebrate not only the Rarámuri but all Mexican culture.

NEW YORK, NY – DECEMBER 7: George Isles and Monica Isles attend A Night In Mexico at The James New York – NoMad on December 7, 2019 in New York. (Photo by Sylvain Gaboury/PMC/PMC)

Pildora presented its first-ever Positive Impact Award. This award was created to recognize those who have spent multiple years devoting their lives to sustainability, welfare, and the betterment of the world, something Pildora strives to do every day.

NEW YORK, NY – DECEMBER 7: Victor Almeida attends A Night In Mexico at The James New York – NoMad on December 7, 2019 in New York. (Photo by Sylvain Gaboury/PMC)

Christina presented the award to Victor Almeida and Alfredo Harp Helu for establishing the Vida Digna Foundation and for their devotion to the welfare of humanity and support for the Rarámuri over the last 20 years. The award and awardees represent Pildora’s values as a company and organization. Sustainable communities are at the forefront of everything we do, and so is our appreciation for them.

Victor Almeida, Eglantina Zingg, Christina Almeida

The night concluded with another performance by the Calpulli dancers in the Mexican Jalisco tradition. Guests were absolutely enchanted and so moved by the beauty and passion of the dancers that many jumped on stage after the performance and danced in absolute joy and celebration of Mexican culture and the Rarámuri.

Raramuri Children

As we embark on this holiday season, we want to remind you that the children and families of the Rarámuri still need our help. Even though our fabulous event is behind us, our work is not done. We will continue to partner with the Vida Digna Foundation and support them in every way we can. You can donate HERE

Happy Holidays!