It’s a new year AND a new decade! At the start of every year, millions of us set intentions to make changes in our lives. But it’s one thing to say we’re going to make a positive difference and a whole other thing to make it happen. In fact, according to a study conducted by the University of Scranton, only 8 percent of people achieve their New Year’s goals.

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We’re living in a scary world, with political and economic unrest, and planetary boundaries being pushed to the edge. It can be unbelievably overwhelming. It’s easy to think, how can I, little me, make a difference in the world’s biggest issues? In this new decade, we want to challenge you to not think this way. We want you to think of the tiniest changes that will ultimately make a difference. One tip we have is to choose a word, one word, that will define how you will make a difference as you begin this new year and decade.

When it comes to sustainable fashion, we have a word in mind, and it’s none other than—drum roll, please—mindfulness. Mindfulness is what began the sustainable fashion movement. Thinking about the impact the fashion industry has on people, the planet, and world economies.

We’ve come up with three simple things to think about if you want to embody mindfulness in your 2020 shopping routine. 

Where you shop: Think about which stores you absolutely DO NOT want to shop at. For example, those with known human rights violations or those that take greenwashing to another level. Look for shops where your dollars will make a real difference for the people behind your clothes and that are dedicated to other sustainable practices, such as fair trade. 

Why you shop: It’s also important to think about why you’re shopping. Is it to find the trendiest new piece? If so, try changing your mindset. If you’re shopping for the sole purpose of wanting something new, you will likely buy something that isn’t a wardrobe necessity. But it’s easy to make this a sustainable shopping experience instead. Simply change the reason you shop from buying anything that’s new to making a positive difference. Know a company that plants a tree every time you buy a cute tee from them? BAM. You’re finding something you love that’s tangibly helping the planet. 

When you shop: Do you need a wardrobe refresh? Do you have an exciting event coming up? These are just two of the reasons we take ourselves to the store or take part in online binge shopping. Sustainable fashion lasts. Making sure that you’re finding pieces that are durable and timeless will make all the difference in how frequently you hit the racks. Clothing that prides itself on being handcrafted or artisan-made is great for making your wardrobe unique and chic.

From all of us at Pildora, we want to wish you the best and most sustainable 2020! We hope that these tips bring you clarity and a sense of mindfulness concerning your fashion choices. We have no doubt you’ll be making an impact this year and beyond.