Another year has flown by and we are left wondering if we accomplished any of our New Year’s resolutions in the last 365 days.

The most common sustainable accomplishment may be giving up plastic straws, but we have so many other things to consider. 

This year was an inspirational game-changer for climate awareness, between global climate strikes and fashion industry leaders taking a stand and signing initiatives. See below for a quick review!

Image from 2019 Global Climate Strike

In Review of 2019

  • Greta Thunberg receives “Time Person of the Year” for her movement and advocacy for climate change. She organized a global climate strike in which more than 125 countries participated.
  • This year, G7 leaders are joined by more than 20 fashion retailers and brands, including the owners of Gucci, Kering, H&M, and Zara’s parent company, Inditex, for a global pact to fight the climate crisis and protect biodiversity and the oceans.
  • Hemp was legalized in 2018 and became more mainstream throughout 2019. The plant is one of the most sustainable crops in the world and has many uses, from building materials to clothing. See our video here. 

The question now is, can we keep this momentum going forward? To do so, let’s brainstorm some of the ways we can step into 2020 on the right foot. 

Reduce plastic waste

Ditch single-use plastic. You can start with baby steps such as no plastic grocery bags or plastic silverware. Both links contain alternative options.

Buy clothing consciously 

Stop purchasing items for single use. Need a dress for one night? Look into renting. 

Did your favorite jeans or sweater rip or tear? Look into mending.

Give back

Make a pact with yourself to do something to help the earth. This could be signing up to help clean up local beaches or roads, offsetting your carbon footprint, going on strike, or donating toward the efforts of an established and trusted climate change organization. 

Embrace minimalism

Can you eliminate the need for more in your life? Can you simplify? Not only will you save money, but you will do your part in cutting back on overconsumption. Stop hoarding!

Make changes in your home

Switch to LED lights, air-dry your clothes more often, wash your clothes in cold water, use natural and nontoxic cleaning products, and start composting. You can see our video on composting here!

Clean up your skincare

Look into replacing your skincare and makeup products with sustainable alternatives. On Pildora, we will be selling options for all your needs! Need to know if what you’re using is clean beauty? Check out the “Think Dirty” app that rates products for you. Keep in mind this doesn’t take packaging into consideration. 

Educate yourself on sustainability

The Pildora blog, media, and marketplace are the perfect places to do this since we are always posting tidbits of sustainable news, information, and education. Learning what is considered sustainable and what living sustainably truly means is a great first step on your journey.

If you’ve got this far, you’ve learned about some different resolutions that may fit your sustainability goals. Join the mission, follow along, and invest in your sustainable future this year. 

Happy New Year from the Pildora Fam!